Problem to compile CSS FrontEnd - version 0.90.1

I have problem to compile FrontEnd CSS in new version.
Checking the folders, I dont find the folder "grunt-cli"
To compile I'm using the command:> ./node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt sass: prod

Have a new command to compile or the folder is losted in new version?


Luciano C. Moda.


  • Maybe i have deleted this with the update. What should work is if you install grund globally.
    npm install -g grunt

    Then you just use grunt instead of the included version,
  • I have installed the grunt and has compiled ok now.
  • Have the last version of printer FrontEnd to download?
    Version 0.90.6
    My FrontEnd is a bit changed.
  • Thanks for the reminder. Updated version for 0.90.6 is now online.
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