Slicing server status

What is the current status of doing the slicing on server (or even cloud)? Currently I'm on a Mac and it cannot connect ( like the other clients directly. I've seen some mentions of this feature coming, and it is a ticked box for the paid version (which I'd happily pay for) but I find no mention in the docs of this.


  • It is one of the next things we want, but slicers are tricky and we want to have a good integration, so i can not make a time estimate yet.
  • Oh damn, I was hoping for this, since the experience is less ideal currently with the Mac host. But yeah I understand there could be a lot of functionality to integrate, ea. moving models around. Although at it's simplest, it could just be using slic3r as a command line program and passing in a configuration file ?(
  • You also need to enter config in our interface because the slicers have no remote web interface to integrate. Plus we want some special postprocessings, so it is a good deal of work.
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    Hi, I’m just wondering if there is any update on this? I’m evaluating whether to go to Repetier pro from AstroPrint. I want more than AstroPrint can provide, however their cloud slicer is OK, and would be excellent with better multi-extruded capabilities and the addition of a few more settings per page of their slicer setup.

    i do 90% of my work on an iPad Pro, except when I need a full slicer, and then I use Cura.

    I could continue to use their slicer, but it’s crud for multi-material/colour
  • Slicer is the next big thing being added. Maybe end of year a first public version will be available.
  • I’d like to get on the beta list if possible. I’m a former product manager from the video processing and embedded graphics drivers industries, I’m also a sculptor and designer of 3D printed cameras.
  • We have no such list. But we might make it a public beta any way when we reach a certain stage where it should already work to find potential problems.
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