Which slicer should I use?

I’m completely new to all this so please be considerate if I ask an obvious question. I have a Geeetech Acrylic Prusa I3 Pro B 3D printer and I am going through the Repetier manual. I have successfully reached the section on slicing and found that I have several options of which slicer to use. Can anyone direct me to a web page that outlines the pros and cons of each one. On my installation of Repetier it comes up initially with slic3r selected and the manager shows 2 others listed “CuraEngine” and “slic3r Prusia Edition” and a button to add more but the Manual shows 2 more Skienforge and “Big Brother”. I don’t want to spend ages experimenting with the settings in slic3r only to find that there is a better one. Many thanks if you can advise.


  • Slic3r prusa edition is the best in your case. It even has good slicing presets for prusa, also these are for the original prusa, but i guess they are a good start.
  • Many thanks  I will give that a go. Now you say it, I can see that I was stupid not to notice the word Prusa is in the description of my printer and in the name of the slicer. i think it was because I was concentrating so hard on the manual.
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