Connection problem

i'm using repetier server installed on pi3, when i connect to the internet through the WIFI it shows on the display that it si connected, but when trying to use the ip address mentioned in the network icon, i cant access my printer and it shows 

This site can’t be reached

please i need your help


  • Your device needs to be in the same network. Printer is only reachable in your intranet where wifi is logged in. Also make sure to set the port :3344 after the ip if you are not using our image.
  • So i cant monitor my printer while i’m outside through the phone?????
  • Depends on your internet connection. Most routers support dynamic dns service and port forwarding. If this works with your provider, you can reach it on the dynamic dns name with the port used for forwarding. But the server will not detect this setting on it‘s own, so you need to know how you did it.
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