External Commands for Windows 7

So I'm trying to setup several external commands and I think I'm missing a step here. I have scripts using powershell and can call them from a batch file. They work when selected in the folder and/or command prompt. I have made an 'extcommand.xml' document in 'C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\database'. I can see and select these options in Repetier Server, however nothing happens. I check the log and says 'Starting external command...' with no errors. I'm not sure how to follow the process after this. I'm guessing it's a permission issue since the scripts work and Repetier Server is recognizing the external commands. However, I'm not sure how to grant access to Repetier Server to run these external commands if that's the case. Perhaps it's something else? Anything is welcome.

sample extcommand.xml for reference:

<execute name="NAME" allowParams="true">c:\\FOLDER\\FILE.BAT</execute>





  • Bat files are maybe no executables. If you click them in explorer it knows to start them inside cmd.exe. I guess here you need to also start cmd.exe with the script as parameter.

    Do not think it is a permission issue, server under windows has quite high permissions.
  • you might be able to do a cmd.exe /c "c:\folder\bat.bat"
  • But please use full path to cmd.exe
  • Thanks for the quick response!

    Interesting you guys should mention that, I already have a FILE.cmd and have tried to open the command prompt and powershell applications first with a parameter. For some reason I cannot open any applications at all when run through RS. These commands work through Windows command prompt and powershell though. Any thoughts?

    c:\\windows\\system32\\windowspowershell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe "c:\\FOLDER\\FILE.cmd" or "c:\\FOLDER\\FILE.BAT"

    c:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe "..."
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