Autoleveling used for PCB


I use until one year Repetier for a milling CNC. It work perfectly up tu now
I want to use it to mill some PCB.

I m make some test and the milling of PCB is not working due to the leveling of the copper.

Is it a possibility to use the autoleveling command to correct the leveling and to mill the PCD?

Thanks for your answer


  • Autoleveling will work the same as for fdm, but yes it should work. Main problem is that you might want to measure the pcb surface so testing positions would depend on position and size. For normal autoleveling you can change it in eeprom, for distortion correction not. Other problem is that you do not measure bed surface now, so add pcb thickness to z probe height.
  • Thanks for this answer. I will test and give you a feedback

  • Hello I progress on the Autoleveling
    I stack some points.

    I will try to explain what I do ;

    I go to a position where I put a tool for the PCB
    G1 X260 Y270 F1000

    After I surch the 0 material
    G30 P0 => give a value
    G1 Z"the value" F100

    After I put the Zero machine at this point "X260 Y270 Zxxxx"
    G92 X0 Y0 Z0

    I go up 1mm and start a heigt map in the tool with a matrix
    Xmin 0
    Ymin 0
    Xmax 85
    Ymax 50
    X point 8
    Y point 5

    It give me this matrix

    X:                 0,00        12,14      24,29      36,43      48,57      60,71      72,86      85,00
    y:    50,00    100,42    100,38    100,38    100,39    100,40    100,42    100,43    100,43
    y:    37,50    100,42    100,40    100,39    100,40    100,40    100,41    100,43    100,42
    y:    25,00    100,42    100,40    100,39    100,40    100,40    100,41    100,42    100,42
    y:    12,50    100,43    100,40    100,38    100,39    100,39    100,41    100,44    100,45
    y:    0,00      100,42    100,39    100,37    100,37    100,37    100,40    100,45    100,50

    so after I whant to correct with G32 but

    When I enter the Gcode:
    M557 X0:85 Y0:50 S10
    an error is comming out

    01:03:51.819 : N5 M557 X0 Y0 S10*82
    01:03:51.819 : Unknown command:N5 M557  X0.00 Y0.00 S10

    If I enter G32 the leveling start from the homing of the CNC and not from the X0 Y0 Z 0 that I deffined

    I have see that: "RepRapFirmware executes macro file bed.g if present instead of using the M557 coordinates."
    How it works ????

    Please can you help me to enter the correction using G33 S0 or S1 (I do not want to store it in the EEPROM or maybe if there is a good reason for)

  • I assumed you are using Repetier-Firmware, which seems not to be the case. For reprapfirmware i can not say how to do it. Maybe better ask in their forum for help. 
  • Yes i use the repetier firmware laste version.
    Sertenly i use it with a bad configurations
  • Ok, not sure what M557 should do, autoleveling is done by G32 in repetier firmware. G33 for distortion correction but win compiled in reagions this might not work good with different pcb sizes or positins. If youa lways have same pos and size you can compile in the positions of course. Do not reduce correction over height in that case like done for fdm. For g32 you can change positions at least in the eeprom editor.

    your height map looks quite good. Maybe some distortion in the in the right lower edge.
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