Open plugin repository for Repetier Server

Repetier Server on LCD screen is just amazing.
This UI is by far much better than Octoprint Touch-UI.
I really like RS ..... BUT ....
due to lack of features (print from SD, GPIO control, advanced timelapse, skip parts while printing, ...) in RS i finally could not move from Octoprint to Repetier Server.

Most of the missing features could be made available by open source plugin support.
I am sure lot of programers would contribute to share their plugins for Repetier Server.
This could allow to close the gap of missing features in RS.

My request would be to allow and support plugins in Repetier Server.
I will further follow the development of RS and would be happy to see some more (missing) features beeing available.


  • It is already extendible, but that is quite hard as you need to compile the ui. I have some hope that plugins get possible in V2 when we switch to vue. That is much easier to hack.
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