Problems Setting up Viki 2 on Rambo v1.4

I am having problems installing Viki 2 on my Rambo v1.4 board.
I am confused about the pins on the board.
on DisplayList.h in the repetier firmware these are the pins related to the LCD display:

#elif MOTHERBOARD == 301 // RAMBO
#define SDCARDDETECT 72 // sd card detect as shown on drawing
#define BEEPER_PIN 33
// Display A0
#define UI_DISPLAY_D5_PIN 70
// Display CS
#define UI_DISPLAY_RS_PIN 71
#define UI_ENCODER_A 85
#define UI_ENCODER_B 84
#define UI_RESET_PIN -1
#define RED_STATUS_LED 22
#define BLUE_STATUS_LED 32

However there are instructions from this document:

They tell to add the pins in the arduino environment. This confused me.

Also none of the pins match then pins in the Rambo schematic, .
So I do not know how should I connect my Display, I am terribly confused.
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