Print won't start. Server switches between Idle and Offline.

When I start a print from Repetier-Server Free 0.86.2, connected to RepetierHost 1.6.0 the machine moves to its normal position, as if waiting for the heated bed to get to temp. The extruder (already heated to temp) shuts off and can't be brought back online.

The configuration had been working just fine for many prints, when it suddenly did this.

In the Host's Manual Control, the status continually switches between "Idle" (about 10 secs.) and "Offline" (about 2 secs.). Also, on the Server's Dashboard, the Printer List goes from Simple-Metal "Connected" to "Offline".

Nothing works in R-H Manual Control. Strangely, the heated bed icon and its temp slider is missing, which is normally present.

I shut down the Server using "service RepetierServer stop" (Linux) to see if I could run RepetierHost by itself, but this gave me a connection lost message and crashed RepetierHost.

Bringing Repetier-Server back up, (without RepetierHost), I noticed the switching between Connected and Offline continues the same pattern.

A hard reboot of the controlling computer doesn't help either.


  • The reboot loop happens if server sees the port and connects and then something bad happens, e.g. printer not responding. You can enable to log normal connection data in server. Then you can download connected.log to see what communication is going on. It could be the firmware resetting for some reason or the server not getting a response or only error messages. Depending on this you need different solutions.
  • Pressing the Reset button on the controller board allowed the connection to complete and maintain. I was still unable to use Manual Control on R-H.

    Then I noticed their were three printers, with two of them using the same API key. Getting a new key on one of them brought the machine back up.

    Thank you for your help. Also thanks for the tip on connected.log.

    BTW, there might be a bug that crashes the window manager on Ubuntu Linux 16.04. If you change the connection setting from Repetier-Server to Serial with appropriate baud rate, etc., and attempt to connect using Serial, all windows freeze including the Launcher, though the mouse cursor still moves. This forces the user to do a hard reboot. This happens whether or not Repetier-Server is running.
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