Incomplete preview on files sliced with KISSlicer

Just started using Repetier and my models all appear to be OK for the first ~39 layers and then my paths no longer seem to show correctly. The files print correctly with other g-code senders. 

Files are sliced with KISSlicer64. 

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? 

Screenshot of the model and paths are found below, as well as my g-code. 

Thank you.



  • without having the stl its hard to say what cause that, could be the slicer or a non uniform stl.

  • The .stl has no issues. The gcode prints OK even though the preview is bonkers.

    Seems to just be gcode output from KISslicer, but despite manually browsing the file I can't tell why the preview fails. Everything looks OK to me...
  • Have checked it and it is a flout overflow. At lines like these

    G91                                  ; SET RELATIVE MODE
    G1 Z5 E0.0001 F1000      ;LIFT HEAD 5MM BEFORE PARKING
    G90                                  ;SET ABSOLUTE MODE 

    The filament usage doubles, which is an error. Will fix that for next release.
  • edited June 2018
    Thank you. 

    The E0.0001 was a legacy extrude value to fix an old firmware bug. Removing that seems to have solved the display problem. Pretty sure that bug has been fixed... 
  • Guess so, but it it is still a bug in host, so will fix it anyway.
  • It appears that I'm having this same issue using Kisslicer.  Is there something that I'm supposed to do to correct it?  Thanks.
  • Sorry, mine is with repetier-server.  I didn't catch that in the search.
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