PiCam keeps losing configs

I updated to .90 and the webcam works fine when i config it through the web but as soon as i go to a different page allthe settings disapear and i have to redo them.  It never keeps the settings.

I have a feeling its a permissions issue with a file just not sure which one.  I am running the server on a Pi with rasperian.


  • Settings are stored in the printer configs in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs as xml file. Did you save the printer config?

    We have changed the format for xml file a bit. Should automatically upgrade to new format, but maybe you have a setting that prevents that and save does not finish due to the problem. Can you send me the xml printer config you have, so I can test if that would be a problem and especially if we have a bug in upgrade path for your settings.
  • The settings are there but when i go the webpage of the server i cannot see the webcam.

            <webcam pos="0">

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <grid color="#454545" spacing="10"/>
        <rectangle color="#dddddd" xMax="220" xMin="0" yMax="220" yMin="0"/>
            <name>Anet A8</name>
            <xySpeed max="300">100</xySpeed>
            <zSpeed max="5">2</zSpeed>
            <endstops all="true" x="true" y="true" z="true"/>
            <invert x="false" y="false" z="false"/>
            <extruder changeFastDistance="20" changeSlowDistance="20" filamentDiameter="1.75" lastTemp="220" maxTemp="260" num="0">
                <maxSpeed acceleration="100" jerk="30" max="100"/>
                <extrude speed="2"/>
                <retract speed="30"/>
                <tempChange cooldownPerSecond="0.5" heatupPerSecond="2"/>
                <offsets x="0" y="0"/>
                    <temperature value="245">ABS 245</temperature>
                    <temperature value="210">PLA 210</temperature>
                    <temperature value="195">PLA 195</temperature>
            <heatedBed lastTemp="0" maxTemp="120" num="0">
                <tempChange cooldownPerSecond="0.5" heatupPerSecond="1.5"/>
                    <temperature value="115">ABS</temperature>
                    <temperature value="50">PLA</temperature>
            <webcam pos="0">

  • That looks already converted successfull. So what do you mean with switching page loosing settings? If you go to printer settings you do not see the 2 urls to your pi cam? Or when exactly do you loose the webcams.

    Also please open javascript console to see if errors happen. Just right click and select inspect element then switch to console.
  • Ill add in the settings and then after a min or two itll look like this again and ill have to add the settings again.  I just did a chmod 777 on that config file and im waiting to see if that fixes it

  • Have just uploaded your config and I see the webcam. If I'm at that page and enter


    in javascript console I get:

    {connection: {…}, extruders: Array(1), general: {…}, heatedBeds: Array(1), heatedChambers: Array(0), …}connection: {connectionMethod: 0, ip: {…}, lcdTimeMode: 4, pipe: {…}, resetScript: "", …}extruders: [{…}]general: {active: true, defaultVolumetric: false, eepromType: "marlin", firmwareName: "Marlin", heatedBed: true, …}heatedBeds: [{…}]heatedChambers: []movement: {G10Distance: 3, G10LongDistance: 50, G10Speed: 50, G10ZLift: 0, G11ExtraDistance: 0, …}properties: {}quickCommands: []shape: {basicShape: {…}, gridColor: "#454545", gridSpacing: 10, marker: Array(0)}webcams: Array(1)0: $$hashKey: "object:65"dynamicUrl: ""method: 3orientation: 0pos: 0reloadInterval: 1staticUrl: ""timelapseBitrate: 1000timelapseFramerate: 30timelapseHeight: 0.1timelapseInterval: 20timelapseLayer: 1timelapseMethod: 1timelapseSelected: 0__proto__: Objectlength: 1__proto__: Array(0)__proto__: Object

    You see it lists the webcam as supposed. What do you get if you enter this in javascript console? Not sure wher eit goes wrong but config at least is ok.
  • After chmod 777 that xml file all is good. I don't think it had execute permissions for some reason.
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