XYZ Axis Problem with Fabrikator Mini by TURNIGY

I recently received a Fabrikator Mini 3D printer and I have loved it; however, the last time I used it, the printer's extruder didn't go down far enough to print, thus causing the model to print out as a large plastic ball. I followed the user guide, so this issue doesn't make much sense. Does anybody know what might be causing the issue??? 


  • If you did not make a software change there are 2 hardware reasons. 
    1. End stop doe snow trigger earlier
    2. Bed is adjusted deeper some how. Did you remove a plate or put screws tighter?

    If you can modify one of these easily you can fix it just by adjusting the height of end stop or bed.
  • Thank you so much for your response; however, I have not removed a plate from my bed or tightened the bed screws. Also, I did not understand the statement, "End stop doe snow trigger earlier." Could you clarify that for me? Again, Thank you!
  • There is a switch that triggers a signal, when the bed and nozzle hit. That is the end stop. That now gets the signal earlier and therfore the bed stops with a gap that is too big. If you find this you can also see if and how it can be modified. Often it is a mechanical switch triggered by a part going down.
  • Thank you SO much!!! I jimmied around with the printer until it said End Stop on the screen! Now it is printing; however, it's having trouble printing the first layer, but after that it's just fine! <span>:smile:</span>

  • If you are too close with endstop first layer makes problems. You need to find the right position.
  • With that problem fixed, I recently noticed a new stringing problem. Some parts of the print are perfect, while others are stringy and loose. Is this a problem with my print settings??? If so, what should they be set too? Thank you!

  • Do you mean string = strings between 2 points without extrusion? That is normally a retraction setting, also some filaments string more then others. But if you retract enough at high speed (but not higher then your extruder can handle) this normally gets better. Wipe/coast can also improve the problem. It is not full possible to give best solution for all. It is much try and error.
  •  Image result for poor quality  3d print                                This is what  I mean by stringing.
  • No, that is not what stringing means in 3d printer context. That is a problem with overhangs getting too steep. Only thing is benchy is not too steep and can be printed. the sides are ot perfect for everybody, but that is way too extreme. You have either overextruding or temperature is too low, that filament does not bond well. Did you calibrate extrusion and the calibrate extrusion factor for your filament? PLA often only needs 0.85 extrusion factor as it dwells a bit after extrusion.
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