Issues connecting via SSh

So for over a year now I had been running ~8 machines on 2 repetier servers. Both are running on what was at the time brand new raspberry pi 3's. At some point in time we had managed to change 1 of the 2 servers to being a static IP address, but it was my friend that did it not me and neither of us can remember how we managed it.

Just recently, I broke my sd card on the pi in half (Not sure how. It was in a case and everything. Suddenly the server died and I couldn't figure out why for the longest time until I pulled the sucker out)

Ever since it's been the biggest nightmare. Our entire printer line is now offline and I'm really struggling to get it back up. Currently, I'm trying to SSH into the server, but it prompts me asking for a password, of which all documentation online has either said there shouldn't be one, or it is raspberry pi's default password of raspberry.

This does not work, neither does no password, 12345678 123456789 or any other combination.

I'm running the raspberry pi built images currently the most up to date but no other version has worked either.

I have 4 different pi's and have tried them all and had no luck. Really stuck and in a pinch here as it is really hurting our production! (And quite frankly I'm burning myself trying to fix the issue..)


  • Our images have not changed default password, so it is raspberry on a new image copy. However, if you have changed it, i can not help here. If you use a keyboard locally, note that it uses english keyboard I think so y and z are swapped. YOu can test when entereing the user name.

    Autologin is also by default enabled, so keyboard and display gives you at least access to first console. If graphic display starts I think it is Alt+1 to switch.

    Getting same IP is normally no problem - go to your router into dhcp setting and configure the mac of your pi to always get the same ip. That is at least the easy way. For wifi connection you can set static ip in our interface, but make sur eit is outside of the range your dhcp server uses for dynamic ips.

  • I eventually managed to log into the machine successfully via Putty.

    Our issue now is that the server resets frequently, despite having it run on different raspberry pi's, different SD Cards, and different power supplies.

    Despite setting our pi to a static IP As well, it is now connecting itself to multiple IP Addresses ( and for example)

    No matter what we do it seems the servers will always reset now before or during a print. Can't seem to find why
  • Server reset is the most wrong used term here, so please be more precise what you mean. Especiall yon a pi a printer disconnect is much more likely then that the server it self did reset. Check /var/log/syslog at the time of printer stop if you see a message that usb was disconnected. That would then be linux disconnecting the printer and is not related to the server directly, except that the print will stop but we can not send if linux disconnects a connection.

    The other issue might be getting no/loosing connection between server and frontend. That is mostly a bed internet connection, but would not have any influence on the print. Prints start only when job is completely on the server side so no internet is required to continue.

    Real server restarts should show up in /var/log/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log
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