Upgrade 2.1.2. Configuration

Just upgraded to the latest repitier host for windows and now the config menu for the prusa slicer no loger opens the configuration program. Gives a
<Slic3rPE> Loading an application config file failed:
<Slic3rPE> <unspecified file>(7): key expected
<Slic3rPE> Slic3r installed in a loclized path. Using an 8.3 path: “C:\PROGA~1\REPETI~1\Slic3rPE

Anyone else have this problem?


  • Please see in log what exactly gets called. Also make sure the version in slicer manager in set correct. Some command line parameters from older versions crash the start.

    Since the error mentions a config file it might be unable to read the old config files. Had the same with some configs. You could try copy $HOME/AppData/Slic3rPE and delete old content so it creates new valid config. When it works you can copy back old configs and see when it starts crashing, then you know the config has problems.
  • Thanks, I’ll give it a try.  The configure for the Slic3r works its just the prusa slicer that doesn’t work.  
  • Worked perfectly, and all my old configs work as well! Thanks.
  • Do you know what exactly was the problem? Just in case more users have same problem.
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