New Pi3B+ image work?

Hi, does the Server Pi image work on the new Pi3B+ its not working for me?


  • Yes, V8 was developed on a Pi 3+ to support that as well and is based on latest debian release.

    What is the problem? Does it not boot or does server not work?
  • I have 2 machines with V8 just stopping half way through print. Should i update to V10 and what firmware version is best for V10 Dev 1 or 96?
  • Image version is related to linux and support files like mjpg_streamer, wlan etc. Of course newer versions also have newer server versions, but you can get them with updating as well. V10 has newer linux updates and also contains some improvements in the image, so a update is not wrong.

    The problem why it stopped the print depeneds on why it stopped the print. Did linux disconnect serial port? At least on a pi this is one of the most frequent reasons as it is so sensitive to under voltage. Run e.g. dmesg and search for under voltage warning. See in /var/lib/syslog at the time of disconnect to see if linux was the reason.
  • Can i just run the update or do i have to flash the SD card image with v10?
  • V10 handles the webcams differently now using the names to assign them ports. So only important if you have more then one webcam. And it has ntp time daemon for time updates. So if that is not required just updating is enough to get the same version.
  • Update fixed it thanks
  • Why does Server show me names like Victoria-38?

  • Servers must be unique and if you connect multiple servers e.g. by sharing the project contents between multiple servers it is easier to recognice for humens then the server uuid. So now every server gets a name whcih you can change in global settings->Connectivity.
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