Error on rendering Timelapse after Print

after my SD-Card with Repetier crashed i had to setup Repetier-Server new. Since this it won´t render the Timelapse Videos. I can see the single Pictures are saved. But in the Records tab i only see failed. I don´t know why and where the error is. My System is Repetier-Server 0.86.2 on a Raspberry pi 3 B. 

Any ideas how to fix this?


  • Install ffmpeg and in global configuration set the path accordingly. Then you can rerender the movies.
  • I think I have installed ffmpeg. And set the Path also. After Work I'll take a look.
  • If it is installed, there should be a error in the timelapse view telling you what got wrong.
  • It's installed. Just checked it. And there only shows Error. ffmpeg is installed in /usr/src/FFmpeg and this path is also in the setting. and the Server is installed in /usr/local/Repetier-Server.
  • wow. now it works.... just put name of the executable after the path, and now it renders the Videos... /usr/src/FFmpeg /ffmpeg
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