Filament Sensor Feature for GPIO/Raspberry

Beside the "print from SD" i would additionally request the feature to connect filament sensor to the raspberry GPIO.
If specific pin is triggered (selectable: normally open / normally closed) configurable gcode should be executed.
I am using currently filament sensor on Creality CR-10 connecte to Octoprint because modification on the mainboard would be much more effort (if possible anyhow on some printers).
This feature is mainly for filament sensor but could be also used for other useful mechanism which makes this feature very valuable.

Similar to the "Filament Sensor Reloaded" Plugin for Octoprint (see screenshot attached):

I really like the pretty nice touch UI from RS but those two missing features are blocking points because i do not want to loose those improtant features. Would be great to see those two features beeing implemented soon.


  • Interesting idea for a future version. For now you would need a parallel script testing the pin and then send the pause via wget, which is surely nothing normal users could do.
  • I am not a "normal" user. ;-)

    How to setup the parallel script and the wget code inside?
  • Check this website

    There you see how to remotely execute commands on server. E.g. send command @pause using a simple curl commad. So if you have a script that watches your pin, just send the curl command to pause printer when it toggles low/high or whatever would be the signal.
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