Print doesn't start with Ultimaker 2+ Ex

I was able to establish a connection between repetier on a Pi3 and the Ultimaker 2+ Ex. I was able to see the temperature and to move the extruder. But when I tried to start a print, nothing happend.

The console gave me that:
Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.

My settings:
baud: 250000
firmware: Marlin

Thanks for your help,



  • There should be mor ein log if you enable all flags. Problem might be baud rate. Could it be that they use 230400 baud? They are so close that the wrong works a bit. If not please provide a more complete log where it happens. In printer menu you can enable logging to get a full log of a print.
  • can also be a problem of the g-code flavor of cura 4.0 and the setting on the repetier server . both must be equal
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