How can i connect to my printer?

Hi, this is David, i just installed the Repetier Host for Mac but i cannot connect to my printer. I suck at this software issues and also am new at using MAC.
Can anyone help me get through this please?


  • Remove printer, check available ports in printer settings. Connect printer and select the port that was added at this moment. On mac it depends on the usb port you used, so plug it always in the same port. Select right baud rate and that's it.
  • I just downloaded Repetier - using it with Tevo Tornado. In the printer settings, my printer does not automatically show up. 
    I have tried restarting the comp, printer, and Repetier. Also have tried both USB ports and different USB cable but can't get the program to recognize the printer. 
    I always have the 3 port options (virtual, USB, and wireless)

    Any ideas?


  • USB is your option. You need to find out which usb serial file is used by your printer. Do not expect your printer name to appear, on mac it is always cryptic. Only chance to find it is check list without printer connected and with it connected. The added file is the printer. If no port appears you might need to install the usb driver for your printers usb->serial converter, also most work out of the box.
  • Ok, there is no added port between having the printer disconnected and connected. So, I'll have to install the USB driver. 
    Would you mind elaborating on this? I can look into it but I have no idea what it means.

  • No, I wont. It is the vendors task to provide you with drivers for his printers. You should just find them on their homepage, download and install.
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