Random Printer Disconnect

I have 5 printers connected to Repetier-Server via USB to a Raspberry Pi. Each connection has a powered USB hub to maintain zero power drain. Random printers will stop printing in the middle of the print while the server says they are still running. Sometimes I can click the pause and then continue button and they resume. Other times, they are unrecoverable. 

I am running 2 Prusa i3 MK2.5 and 3 Prusa i3 MK3 printers. The printer stopping happens on any version of the printer at random times. Sometimes they will run for a day or two without issue. Today, I have had 6 prints stop midway through due to this issue.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Is Repetier-Server not capable of handling this many printers?


  • One other thing. When I finally stop the print, the printer then says it's disconnected and I need to reactivate the printer from the interface. Once it connects, it starts moving the bed of the printer and the hot end and will grind the stepper motors if I don't do a hard reset to keep it from hitting the end.
  • In general 5 printers are no problem. This mainly depends on the stability of the usb/serial connection. If these get disconnected by linux (happens when pi gets underpowered) or the communication stacks due to some transmission errors/electric noise/long usb cables/... strange things can happen. That pause and conrinue helps is strange. But without seeing a log at the time of the problem I can not say much. But please do not post full logs and also tell us whenwhcih problem happened so we can correlate error and messages.

    How does reconnecting work? Does it reset the printer? Is there a way to reproduce this? I was never able to reproduce this error, so I can not say why it happens at the moment.
  • I have the same problem I have 5 printers connected, with the 90.0 patch I started to have occasional problems of disconnection but with 90.1 it is impossible, last night I lost 5 piesas some others in half and others ending, I went back to version 86.2 and Everything is solved

    I hope REPETIER Soon solve the problem
    because it was very useful to connect my 2 Monoprice via WiFi
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