Pausing Issues with Remote Printing

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I'm having issues printing using Repetier Server through a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
The "Console" readout is attached and shows that the Raspberry Pi constantly resends code. This leads to the 3D printer stuttering throughout the job.
I'm using a clean install of the SD Image for Raspberry Pi, Version 0.86.2. The Pi is connected via Ethernet cable and using a compatible 2.5A power supply and 32GB Sadisk Extreme.
All other functions for Repetier Server seems to work correctly (changing temperature, webcam, moving XY, etc).


  • You can not attach files, so copy/paste the log. Please enable also ack and commands so the log part is complete and start log where the problem starts, not in between as that does not allow analysis of how the error started.
  • Below is the copy of the log right where the errors start.

    18:36:51.028: N18 M532 X100.0000 L0
    18:36:51.031: N19 M539 P0
    18:36:51.031: ok 18
    18:36:51.031: N20 M532 X0 L0
    18:36:51.031: N21 M531 focus-ring
    18:36:51.039: Error:Checksum required when switching back to ASCII protocol.
    18:36:51.039: Resend:19
    18:36:51.050: ok
    18:36:51.050: Resend: N19 M539 P0
    18:36:51.050: Resend: N20 M532 X0 L0
    18:36:51.051: Resend: N21 M531 focus-ring
    18:36:51.054: ok 19
    18:36:51.055: N22 M530 S1 L43
    18:36:51.163: T:26.30 /0 B:30.43 /0 B@:0 @:0 T0:26.30 /0 @0:0 T1:32.31 /0 @1:0 T2:25.28 /0 @2:0 T3:25.28 /0 @3:0
    18:36:51.164: ok 20
    18:36:51.164: ok 21
    18:36:51.164: Error:Wrong checksum
    18:36:51.164: Resend:22
    18:36:51.175: ok
    18:36:51.175: Resend: N22 M530 S1 L43
    18:36:51.175: N23 G90
    18:36:51.175: N24 M82
    18:36:51.176: N25 M106 S0
    18:36:51.176: N26 M140 S55
    18:36:51.182: Error:Checksum required when switching back to ASCII protocol.
    18:36:51.182: Resend:22
    18:36:51.191: ok
    18:36:51.191: N27 M190 S55
    18:36:51.191: N28 M104 S225 T0
    18:36:51.191: N29 M109 S225 T0
    18:36:51.192: N30 M602 S1 P0
    18:36:51.192: N31 G21; set mm units
    18:36:51.399: Resend:22
    18:36:51.407: ok
    18:36:51.408: N32 M117 ETA 19:09:16 day 11
    18:36:51.408: N33 G28 ; home all axes
    18:36:51.408: N34 G90; set absolute coordinates
    18:36:51.408: N35 G92 E0; reset extruder distance
    18:36:51.615: Resend:22
    18:36:51.624: ok
    18:36:51.624: N36 G92 E0
    18:36:51.624: N37 G1 E-4.0000 F1800
    18:36:51.624: N38 G1 Z0.450 F1500
    18:36:51.624: N39 T0
    18:36:51.833: Resend:22
    18:36:51.841: ok
    18:36:51.842: N40 G1 X45.771 Y78.790 F7500
    18:36:51.842: N41 G1 E0.0000 F540
    18:36:51.842: N42 G92 E0
    18:36:52.050: Resend:22
    18:36:52.058: ok
    18:36:52.058: N43 G1 X45.812 Y78.766 E0.0057 F1440
    18:36:52.058: N44 M532 X0.0848 L1
    18:36:52.059: N45 G1 X46.681 Y78.345 E0.1225
    18:36:52.216: T:26.39 /0 B:30.43 /0 B@:0 @:0 T0:26.39 /0 @0:0 T1:32.22 /0 @1:0 T2:25.37 /0 @2:0 T3:25.28 /0 @3:0
    18:36:52.267: Resend:22
    18:36:52.267: Resend after 1102ms
    18:36:52.277: ok
    18:36:52.278: Resend: N22 M530 S1 L43
    18:36:52.278: Resend: N23 G90
    18:36:52.278: Resend: N24 M82
    18:36:52.279: Resend: N25 M106 S0
    18:36:52.279: Resend: N26 M140 S55
    18:36:52.284: ok 22
    18:36:52.284: Resend: N27 M190 S55
    18:36:52.284: Resend: N28 M104 S225 T0
    18:36:52.387: ok 23
    18:36:52.391: Error:Checksum required when switching back to ASCII protocol.
    18:36:52.391: Resend:24
    18:36:52.401: ok
    18:36:52.401: Resend: N24 M82
    18:36:52.401: Resend: N25 M106 S0
    18:36:52.401: Resend: N26 M140 S55
    18:36:52.401: Resend: N27 M190 S55
    18:36:52.401: Resend: N28 M104 S225 T0
    18:36:52.407: Error:Wrong checksum
    18:36:52.407: Resend:24
    18:36:52.415: ok
    18:36:52.415: Resend: N29 M109 S225 T0
    18:36:52.415: Resend: N30 M602 S1 P0
    18:36:52.415: Resend: N31 G21; set mm units
    18:36:52.623: Resend:24
    18:36:52.632: ok
    18:36:52.632: Resend: N32 M117 ETA 19:09:16 day 11
    18:36:52.632: Resend: N33 G28 ; home all axes
    18:36:52.632: Resend: N34 G90; set absolute coordinates
    18:36:52.632: Resend: N35 G92 E0; reset extruder distance
    18:36:52.840: Resend:24
    18:36:52.848: ok
    18:36:52.848: Resend: N36 G92 E0
    18:36:52.848: Resend: N37 G1 E-4.0000 F1800
    18:36:52.848: Resend: N38 G1 Z0.450 F1500
    18:36:52.848: Resend: N39 T0
    18:36:53.058: Resend:24
    18:36:53.066: ok
    18:36:53.066: Resend: N40 G1 X45.771 Y78.790 F7500
    18:36:53.066: Resend: N41 G1 E0.0000 F540
    18:36:53.066: Resend: N42 G92 E0
    18:36:53.223: T:26.30 /0 B:30.43 /0 B@:0 @:0 T0:26.30 /0 @0:0 T1:32.22 /0 @1:0 T2:25.28 /0 @2:0 T3:25.37 /0 @3:0
    18:36:53.275: Resend:24
    18:36:53.283: ok
    18:36:53.283: Resend: N43 G1 X45.812 Y78.766 E0.0057 F1440
    18:36:53.284: Resend: N44 M532 X0.0848 L1
    18:36:53.284: Resend: N45 G1 X46.681 Y78.345 E0.1225
    18:36:53.492: Resend:24
    18:36:53.500: ok
    18:36:53.501: N46 G1 X46.724 Y78.327 E0.1282
    18:36:53.501: N47 G1 X47.825 Y77.961 E0.2686
    18:36:53.501: N48 G1 X47.871 Y77.949 E0.2743
  • Seems like a problem with strings in command lines. These contain no checksums in ascii mode, on the other side if you have set firmware to repetier it should send them as binary. At least I expect this. Will check for the update.

    But anyway, what firmware version are you using? I think I have removed this check as it was only provoking errors like this.
  • Under Printer Settings in the General tab, I have Repetier-Firmware selected.
  • Send M115 in console to see your firmware version.

    I think it is a dual error - firmware not accepting it without checksum and server not using binary version here for M531. A fix at any side should work and I think I already fixed the firmware side, so I assume you are using an older firmware version where it was not fixed.
  • When I check for updates Repetier Server, it states "you are already using the latest version."
    M115 from console is shown below:

    23:23:24.174: N19 M115
    23:23:24.179: ok 19
    23:23:24.187: Cap:PROGRESS:1
    23:23:24.187: Cap:AUTOREPORT_TEMP:1
    23:23:24.187: Cap:EEPROM:1
    23:23:24.187: Cap:AUTOLEVEL:0
    23:23:24.188: N20 M155 S1
    23:23:24.192: Cap:Z_PROBE:0
    23:23:24.192: Cap:SOFTWARE_POWER:0
    23:23:24.193: Cap:TOGGLE_LIGHTS:0
    23:23:24.193: Cap:PAUSESTOP:1
    23:23:24.193: Cap:PREHEAT:1
    23:23:24.195: Printed filament:493.96m Printing time:7 days 9 hours 33 min
    23:23:24.195: PrinterMode:FFF
  • Ok, I rechecked the sources and you are using latest version and switching back to ascii protocol is not what will happen if server is in binary mode. Not for valid commands and your combination is what I also use for testing without problems. So only way that firmware thinks it is ascii is a communication error.

    Please send 
    M111 S24
    and then run a print. Printer will do nothing - it is just testing communication without motors etc being used, so least possible noise. Test if it runs without errors (best with logging enabled). If it does cause many errors try an other baud rate. E.g. 230400 and 250000 seem often both to work, but the wrong one creates lots of errors, the other not so much.

    M111 S6
    will move to normal printing again.
  • Thank you so much for the help! Everything seems to be working perfectly at 115200 Baud Rate. 
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