Repetier-Host not connecting to Server

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I'm pulling my hair out. For some reason my PC (running Repetier-Host) does not "see" the Server anymore. It use to but then the server restarted and the received a new IP addr via DHCP (du, not so clever on my side I know). I now have fixed the IP on the router so that it gets assigned the same IP address every time. However I have lost the connection to the server and I cannot get it back.
I Start the server.
Then go to the host and try to connect using Chrome typing the IP address if the server ( which is also the IP address displayed on the printer screen. but the "webpage" just times out without connecting me.
Also tried connecting with Host (printersetup) selecting Repetier host and typing in the IP address.... Nothing no connection
Some more info....
Yes I CAN PING the server from the Host mashine - so the network is working
The server IS running since I can Run Repetier Host on the server machine and connect to the printer via the Server.
The Server machine is running Win10 - Fairly clean install
Both machines is on Physical cable.

I'm really clueless on what more to try. 
As a sidenote,
1. Somehow I also cannot connect to the server machine via the host machine using Remote desktop, Tried everything I can think of.
2. The Server PC simply refuses to have a fixed IP address. If I switch DHCP off in network settings and assign a IP address to it, it refuses to connect to the internet. - The way around that was to tell the Router to assign the same IP every time to that MAC address, then it happily connects to Internet
I'm fairly certain its a Windows Network setting but I dont know where else to scratch.

Anyone PLEASE help?


  • So server is installed on a windows machine, right?
    So if you install host there you can see in the menu if server should be running or not. If the website does not come up it might just not be running.

    Also have a look at C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Host\logs\server.log if it contains some informations. Sometimes it helps to stop server and delete database/workdispatcher.sql and start server. Especially if it starts a job that would fail for some reason.
  • Yes it was is a Windows machine. Server was definitely running since I could connect to server via Host on the same machine but not via another PC.
    I uninstalled the whole server and host on the Server PC and reinstalled everything again. This DID solve the problem and I am now able to connect to the server from other PC's again.
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