Intended filament change procedure mid print

Hi, I have a self made cartesian printer using repetier firmware V1.0 and - since two months- server pro V0.86 with touch UI.

Recently mid print the spool ran out of filament and I just tried "filament change" at the UI to see what happens.

It did not work properly, and after Emergency stop the print head crashed into Y max (why this??).   

In documentation and forum I did not find the planned process for
filament change due to "spool ran out of filament mid print".

Is it necessary to pause at first, including pause script defining a xy position for performing the filament change?
Then perform filament change with UI?
Then resuming (how is the old extrusion position from the last regular move restored?)

I would be happy to get any hints where this filament change scenario is described using the touch UI.

Thanks in advance


  • It depends how you have compiled firmware. You can set it to do it over the printer lcd, then it blocks communication. Or you say to just request a pause from server and then it blocks not and waits for server pause instead. Sounds like you opted for variant 1 and you have not set pause position correctly. In early 1.0.x versions this was left x and max y.

    If you just want to change filament mid print you need to pause yourself and then run the change filament. Make sure you have a good pause script in server that moves to the side so you are not atop of the print when being paused.
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