Connection Failed

I am using Windows 8.1. The connection to Simple Printrbot is intermittent. When it works, it works fine. When it won't connect, it takes many reconnects of USB cable to connect Repetier to Printrbot. Is it a Windows issue? Printrbot? Repetier? or combination?
Thank you for your assistance.


  • It is a special problem of printrbot that it is not able to reset on connect. So if you disconnect while a half command was send it will request always the rest of the line. In that case it should help to press the printer reset button while connected or not connected does not matter I think. But after the reset it is in a defined state that should allow connection.
  • I am having the same issue. I haven't been able to connect in a week. Repetier is now freezing up when I click "Connect." How can I Connect??
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  • For printrboard the main key is setting Reset on Connect to disabled. That disables waiting for restart signal, which is what that board can not do.
  • I still cannot connect/stay connected.
  • Have you installed driver and set baud rate correct? What did you exactly do. On my printrboard it works so it must be something you are missing but I have no infos about that,
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