Repetier Host 2.1.2 Confused me today

As a normal consumer, I have installed Repetier host 2.1.2 6 days ago. My day started with me finding that heater on my coreXY printer stopped working (was printing just yesterday). So I switched to Prusa design printer and found that it may home X, Y, and Z but if I move to X 10, Y 10 or Z 10 (any number) it is not moving. Both printers run Ramps 1.4 with Marlin 1.1.8. I tried reinstalling firmware on the printer 3 or 4 times it stopped homing also and dug into looking for wiring problems, after about an hour or 2 I pulled laptop with Repetier Host 2.0.5 and magic happen - my Prusa design started moving all directions. So I uninstalled 2.1.2 from desktop and installed 2.0.5 back and magic happened one more time - heater on coreXY printer works again.
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