Bug in Repetier Host 2.1.2 / New Print only after Disconnect


a behaviour I didn't have in 2.0.x - whenever a print is finished the "Print" button stays greyed out. I have to disconnect from the repetier server (Pro V 0.86.2) once before I can start a new print, no matter wether I loaded a new file or want to print the loaded gcode again.

Anyone else got this / a solution ?


  • I have the same issue. Either reconnect to Repetier-Server, trigger an emergency stop on the printer or take the printer offline/online on the server.

    Repetier-Server 0.86.2 Pro connected to Marlin 1.1.8 firmware.
  • Will test and fix. 
  • As expected, when aborting a print from Repetier-Host or Repetier-Server the printer returns to a good state in Repetier-Host.
  • I just tested it and it worked as expected. I could even add prints while printing. They then get added to the waiting queue instead of being started. Just make sure the selected group shows a file, or it will not work.

    Maybe someone can post a image of when it happens?

  • This is what it looks like, I have the same problem (obviously) and it started with the new version of Repetier-Host. Everytime a print is done, I have to hit Disconnect and Connect if I want to print something else. Not a huge deal but annoying.
  • Ok, I had a different workflow. I always upload and print over server tab, where the problem does not exists. With that flow I could reproduce. It makes no sense to disable that button at all as you can also print while printing - then it gets queued in printer queue. Will fix that, now that I know where to look:-)
  • Glad I could help! Any idea of the timeframe before we get a fix?
  • Try until mid july to publish a bugfix version.
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