Peculiar behaviour - V2.1.2

I am experiencing some peculiarities with Repetier-Host V2.1.2. It does looses its configs for Cura slicer. I tried removing the installation and installing it again. The configs appear, but after a day disappeared again.

Also interested if you plan to add and additional support for RepRap firmware, connection via network, file uploads etc. ?


  • We already support connection over network for direct communication. For reprap firmware use the telnet port to connect. However, we do not support the native web interfaces. These are more internal functions for communication and too special to support it. After all any change in protocol can make it not working again, so it very hard to maintin this across several different firmwares. We do this therefore only for our server solution, where we know when we change what.

    CuraEngine profiles are in work directory/CuraEngine with a subdirectory per printer. Did you maybe rename printer? I guess that would start a new directory not finding the old one.
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    You mean “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\cura ? In my case this director is mostly empty has some bogus logs.

    The file uploads to RepRap firmware are via FTP, the whole commands are in G-code, probably even a user can make it work if appropriate configurations are available.

    Sorry to say but have also have issues with Repetier-firmware. Using it on a RAMPS with Atmega2560 and the firmware had some unexpected hangs. To the best of my understanding at high speeds the firmware can not handle the too many micro steps etc.

    As about Repetier server – problems too. If stop a print have to reset manually the micrcontroller (using Repetier firmware) etc.

  • No, I mean %userprofile%\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\CuraEngine, we do not use Cura.

    I have no idea how RapRap Firmware does gcode uploads. Did not think it is FTP, rather a HTTP request with file.

    Firmware has speed limits due to hardware. Therefore we also support Arduino Due based boards allowing 200-250khz step frequency.

    Regarding server, do you mean to start it in host again? Seems a bug in host.
  • In my case %userprofile%\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\CuraEngine has 3 folders, Repetier-Host shows just 2 configurations.

    It would be nice if Repetier-Host has options for custom configurations, you had some plugins like CNC ... ?

    Firmware - speed limit ? Isn't this called badly written software - had few prints incompletely printed because of this firmware.

    Server - Yes. Also the user interface is not convenient. Does the licensing allow changes in the web interface ?
  • In host you can have multiple printer configurations, even for same printer if you want one set one for fdm and one for cnc.

    Why is it bad if firmware has a speed limit? Motors loose steps if running to fast and also hardware has limits what it could send, so preventing such errors on firmware side sounds good to me.

    You can write your own server interface or modify it for you if you want to. For the printer lcd we even offer the sources as download, but also do not forget that we modify it with every update for new features and improvements. It is all ongoing work.
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