3d model don't appears

Hi Repetier!
I have a problem with my prints. I do my own 3d models and export them in stl into repetier. But some of them does not appears in the view. (Face view is activated) When i cut it, a message appears : null reference instance etc... What can i do? is it into the 3d model itself?


  • What does the model info (gear icon on file) show. Does it have faces at all or is it a format that is not readable by host. If your cad can read back the exported model, please provide a sample for analysis.

  • Here's my method, sometimes it works, but sometimes not.. i never know why. I do exactly the same thing each time. Here's my 3d model that i export in stl. Import it in repetier and noting appears in the view. I look for it everywhere, can't find it. I grow my objet bigger and smaller, nothing appears.. can you help me?
  • You can not attach files here. Please upload to you dropbox/pasebin etc to show the file.
  • i'm not sure to understand, attach files where? i just click on it to open it, and dropbox for why?
  • can you share the STL
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