Hi, I am using a RAMPS 1.4 along side the Repetier firmware for my custom 3D Printer, but I am wanting to be able to have a status light that gives me a method of visually monitoring the 3D Printer from a distance, I am trying to use the aux-1 port on my board as it isn't being used and it should be working perfectly from what I can see, or at least lighting up. I am using a 12 piece ring light not a single diode as it just provides a little more lighting that way. But when powering the printer up only one light is lighting and when I try to send any commands via Pronterface I don't get any responses from the LEDs, I am new to Repetier Firmware as I have only just come from Marlin around 2 weeks ago so was wondering if there may have been something I was missing in the Firmware that is preventing me from doing this or if it is just me being stupid? Any ideas or solutions would be a great help.



  • There is no native light state, only a light on/off switch. You can add it using the event system as shown e.g. in the sample event systems on github, where we have a adafruit RGB light. I assume your light ring has some processor on it to control the colors and which are turned on.
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