Upgrade from version 7 to 8

Hello, i have a Raspberry 3B running 0.86.2.
This image i have made some settings, i can not remember, that it works good with 7 inch lcd touch and wifi.
I can not find the site in Internet, i have read this.

The problem now is, i have bought a Pi 3b+, and it does not boot with this image from the P3B, it is blinking red sometimes short, sometimes long.
Now i see, a new image version 8 is available for Pi3B+, but is it possible to upgrade it on the SD card without no reinstall?
The Pi is ok, runs with Noob.


  • You can try to run a dist-upgrade on the old pi to switch to debian jessie. That is what you need so linux gets compatible with Pi 3B+ and the main difference between V7 and V8. All your server settings are stored in /var/lib/Repetier-Server so you could backup them alternatively. There the image wifi settings are stored as well if you use the server to setup wifi.

    Display settings are in /boot/config.txt and maybe you added something to /boot/cmdline.txt.
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