esp3d reset on connecting to ramps

i connected a nodemcu with esp3d to the ramps board on aux1. I am able to run this setup with marlin. But with repetier when the nodemcu connects to wifi it repeatedly resets the ramps board and after that also it wont connect to the board. Is this a error in repetier or is the nodemcu overloading the 5v suppy line and reseting the ramps board?


  • What is nodemcu? 

    Did you configure firmware to have a second serial connector? Does it use the right pins for communication?

    Connect to host over usb interface in parallel so you see restart reason. If you see brown out you know it was too much for 5v converter.
  • it is using the same pins as serial 1. the esp3d doesnot use the second serial . So in that case can i still connect the usb and see whats wrong?
  • No, only one side should use this or signals will at best give nonsense. I already wonder that it is no problem with the serial/usb converter connected to same pins. But ok, no double use on same pins please.

    As marlin works with it I'd assume power is not the real problem. On the other side firmware should work on usb if you remove the esp3d. What does this do? Is it a display with wlan or just a wifi to serial board? In the latter case you could configure firmware to use a second port pair for this, so you can connect usb and wifi the same time (also only one should print).
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