Print not sticking flow rate

I have been setting up a BL Touch and almost finished the set up but come across another problem.

I am having problem with the first layer. I have the z off set adjusted so a can slip  a sheet of paper under the nozzle after auto home and G1 Z0 command.

When the 1st layer starts, the filament  only partly stick on the bed about 5 % most of the filament seem to stick to the nozzle as if it is too high. If I lower the nozzle any more no filament comes out and the nozzle leaves a mark on the builders tape. 

However when I push the filament into the extruder with my fingers it starts sticking and the print looks as if it will work.

I tried to increase the flow rate on the first layer from the knob near the LCD screen but it did not work. If I move the extruder with the manual setting it pushes out a stream of ABS as it should. I have cleaned the hot end so it does not appear blocked.

I am using ABS Bed 100 C Nozzle 225 C Blue painter tape Nozzle .3 layer height .2

Any help would be great.


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    Have you calibrated the extruder steps/mm so that extruding 50mm actualy feeds 50mm of filament into the extruder.

    I use a bltouch(copy) and find it is not accurate enough to rely on getting a good 1st layer, i always use the baby-step option while printing the skirt to adjust for a good squish on 1st layer.
  • Will try calibration of the extruder.  
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