Dual Extruder - Singel Nozzel

I have RepetierHost V2.1.2; Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.40.0-beta.
Both have dual extruders and mixing extruders.
I try to show it by means of a picture.

If now only the display is faulty, in Slic3r it is completely displayed.
Until layer 55, it's OK. Do I make a mistake?
(Win 10 Pro, run as administrator)

Thanks for an answer


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    One more note, with CURA and RepetierHost I could print it. I could imagine that the G-code is different and the simulator does not know all the G / M-code.

    Thanks for an answer
  • It is not that we do not know the gcode, but is seems that the relative e positions and new prime tower handling brings unexpected results here. Got it already somehow fixed, but still the filament usage makes no sense, so I will further test with it. So code seems complete and printable, just visualization is the problem due to unexpected/unusal but correct usage. Will fix it for next release.
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