Loss of Reset on Connect function in Printer Settings after v1.06


I love your Repetier product and have been using it with the Robox Printer successfully for a while.  However, I have to stick at version 1.06 as only this and previous versions have "Reset on Connect" as an option in the printer connection settings.   I need to have it set to "DTR low->high->low"  for repetier to be able to connect to the Robox.

In all newer versions the "Reset on Connect" function is not available.  Is there anyway to include it again in newer versions or another way to force this setting?

Many thnks


  • Newer versions also have reset on connect, but you not set how the signal is toggeled. The next server release will get this switch back and you can run host over server in that case.
  • I downloaded version 2.1.3 and the "reset on connect" function is not yet available.
    When will it be back?
    Could you please tell which is the "reset on connect" that the version 2.1.3 does?

  • btw. I rolled back to 1.0.6 and works a lot better with my FLSUN Cube
  • 2.1.3 only uses DTR/RTS low->high. So it in deed differes from low->high->low you seem to need.
  • Thank you. 
    When will the option of LHL be back ?
  • Hope I think of it when making the next release.
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