Raspberry Pi printer definition not square

I have been using Repetier on Windows for years. I just set up Repetier for Raspberry Pi and for some reason my printer definition is not square. If I print out a 100mm x 100mm square, the x axis is fine, but the y axis of the square comes out to be 110mm. It also crashes into the limits during the set up process when it goes to 0. I have a Printrbot simple metal.
In my printer definitions on Repetier server on the Pi I have the bed defined in the general tab with

In the printer shape tab I have:
X left: 0
Y front: 0
X right:140
Y rear:140

 On the Repetier- host definition for the printer I have:
print area width 140
print area depth 140

slicer definition bed shape:
size: x: 140 y:140
Origin x:0 y:0

My start G-code:
G28 ; home all axes
G29; auto level
G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle
M92 X80
M92 Y90
M92 Z2020
M92 E93.5

anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong??? Thanks


  • The server just sends gcodes unchanged. So if a 100mm move on y comes out 110mm it is normally the firmware where the steps per mm for y axis is 10% too high. Maybe you had a start script on host to adjust this to fit and did not add this to servers start script? Best is of course to have the right settings permanently stored in eeprom or configuration of firmware.
  • Never mind -- I figured it out. 
    It was the M92 Y90. it should have been M92 Y80 just like the X axis. 
    I just kept reading it wrong.
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