Specific crash on slice

I just download a 3d model in 3 parts but the models are too big so I print them in size 0.6 but when I slice (with CuraEngine) 1 of the 3 models (size 0.6 and 180° z rotation), repieter crash, I try to slice it on size 1 (always 180° z rotation) and that work but on size 0.6, I try like 5 times and always the same crash.
I send you a link for the stl file who crash (it's "vulcanspoiler-1.stl"). 
I hope you can help me.

PS : I'm not a native english speaker


  • Slicing it caused no problems for me. Maybe the error depends on some slicer settings. You can also check the log if it contains any hints on what goes wrong, or at which stage it crashes.
  • The only crash report is in french and say : 
     "RepetierHost just stopped to run
    A problem make the program stop running. windows gonna close the program and say you if a solution is available."
    I try in size 1, 0.7 and 0.66 there isn't any problem but in size 0.65, 0.64 and 0.63, the filament is hidden "Out of memory - disabling filament visualisation OpenGL error6:OutOfMemory"
    I try from size 0.7 to 0.6 decreasing by 0.1 each time and now 0.6 work.
    So the problem is almost solved for me but if you can really solved it in the next update because this manipulation is a little bit longer for just slice in 0.6. 
  • Out of memory for opengl is a problem but not necessary a bug. Model was quite small so I wonder if your pc has such a small memory and especially why 1.0 works. Would not assume factor 1 using less memory.

    The sliced result is always in your work directory, so you can even get it when host crashes while loading it. Please send me one version that crashes or causes out of memory so I can test if it has a case that makes these troubles. Apperently my settings do not generate it or I have enough memory, hard to say. So best is testing with the gcode making the trouble.

    Also which visualization settings for filament are you using. Filament visualization medium is normally the best compromise.
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