Connection lost

edited May 2018 in Repetier-Server
Keep getting connection lost.  Oops I lost my connection to the server.  trying to reconnect message after my print starts.  The print continues to run but the message never goes away and prevents me from doing anything else.  I still see the ETA and ETE matching the time on the server so they are definitely communicating but message never goes away and since there are no buttons on the message there is no way to dismiss it.  Not sure what will happen if I try refreshing the page while the print is still going on (Maybe print will get cancelled/paused?)


  • Refreshing might work in deed. This happens if the websocket between browser and server gets closed. This is independent form the printer connection and also doe snot mean the printer, so refresh it self is fine. This can happen if there is some "illegal" communication like non UTF-8 chars in websocket communication. We had this with firmware responses in older versions or file names with non UTF-8 chars, but if you use 0.86.2 we do not know a reason for this, all known sources are fixed to heal it. You could open develop tools in the browser and go to console to see if you see something that did go wrong, especially if a reload in browser does not help.
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