3D printer not printing with repetier server

After making the api work theoretically - it works completely fine on the demo website - we wanted to connect it to our printer with repetier server on a raspberry pi.

Long story short - it just didn't print at all.
In Detail:
After connecting to the printer from the interface, the printer reacted, but afterwards he didn't react to anything we wanted him to do and we don't really have a clue why. 

Our thoughts:
The printer was not known by the repetier server and we had to set its properties manually, maybe that was a problem? We have a Giantarm d200 3D printer.
Another possible problem can be the raspberry pi (1gb ram), some of the usb ports only work sometimes.

I hope you can help solve this problem as we don't know wether it is a hardware or software problem


  • "some of the usb ports only work sometimes."

    That is a problem especially if you have the printer on this port. Raspberry disables USB ports if it ha snot enough power, meaning voltage drops below a certain level. Maybe that is the reason - on pi it often is.

    It's not clear if the problem is using api or in general, so please check first only using our frontend and then start testing with api.

    Regarding firmware it is important to select the right one. If you do not know what firmware you have send M115 in the console when it is connected. That should tell you the used firmware. If in doubt use Marlin.
  • If you do not know what firmware you have send M115 in the console when it is connected. That should tell you the used firmware.
    We sent that command after we assumed the printer to be connected, but even though it didn't respond at all (!) in the console, a look into the console showed us an interesting message: After every automatically called command, the server responded:

    14:50:39.661: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.

    14:50:39.661: Connection status: Buffered:52, Manual Commands: 14, Job Commands: 0

    14:50:39.662: Buffer used:52 Enforced free byte:15 lines stored:4

    The communication timeout seems to the problem but we  - still - don't exactly know where it comes from

    I added the full console down below, maybe we have overseen some additional infos?
  • No timeout is not the problem. If you get this it means you are connected with a serial device (which hopefully is the printer). Server did send commands, but got no response from firmware (or nothing understandable). This happens if baud rate is wrong and might of course also happen if the printer is not talking in the expected gcode dialect (e.g. makerbot has it's own communication format just like some other printers).

    Do you have any software that can talk to the firmware? Maybe on windows, just to see baud rate and firmware type.
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