freezes printer

i have an Zenit 3d printer it's made in  Russia
when i start printer and raspberry pi : status bar at printer  showing "rlin 1.0" and freezing and not responding to repitier server
then i click encoder. .. and printer standing alive and connects to repitier server(at raspberry pi 3)

last night i remotely (throw hamachi ) stopped  printing .. set temp to 0  and moove bed away from extruder , after mooving printer freeze and not respond and not have in lsusb list(at ssh terminal)

even at repetier host  printer freeze when i change speed of printing or looking something in other tabs like printer settings or printing profiles or slicing when it prints (at repitier host)


  • On what device do you run the host? Hope not the pi. Host requires quite some resources. When you do time intensive things it might get small pauses in print depending on pc power, but in general will not freeze.

    If device is not listed under linux, server will of course stop. This is often a problem with the pi power supply. If linux gets not enough power it starts disconnecting usb devices to not crash the pi.
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