OpenGL 1.5 Install

Hello folks,

I'm super new to this and am trying to get RH to show travel moves.  I've downloaded and dumped OpenGL 1.5 into the RH install folder and am still getting a message in the log stating that fast VBOs are not supported.  Is there a specific location that I need to install the OpenGL driver?  Do I need to uninstall an existing driver from somewhere?

This is on an old Dell E6420 with integrated graphics, an i5-2520 processor, 16GB RAM, and running W10.

Thanks in advance!


  • Just dumping a driver somewhere never works. Normally they come with a setup executeable that you just run to install it. In older windows version I remember that I sometimes had to install the .inf file instead. Not sur eif double click or right button context menu was the way to get them installed.
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