Testing Repetier Server for RasberryPI with Prusa MK3 connection problems

Hi I'm evaluating Repetier for my printers but I'm having hard times with my 2 Prusa MK3 fw 3.2.0
At first glance works fine but If for whatever reason repetier misunderstand something on the printer (like a crash detection, Fan problems or printer reset) it never reconnect. It displays the green Icon but in reality no communication happens. 
Deactivate and Activate doesn't help.

The only way to restore the communication is to:
- reset the server (which is a pain if you have another printer printing)
- Or Delete and recreate the printer which is a pain also

Anyone having a similar issue? or can help me
Thank you


  • Unplugging usb cable should also do the trick. Hitting the printers reset button as well. That removes port so it stops and forces reinitialization. 
    Have you enabled logging so you can see what exactly happened. I remember some problems with the port as it stays connected even if you power down the printer or the printer does not reset on connect so it would continue with old error condition. Not sure what exactly it was as I do not have one.
  • I tried to unplug the cable but still no luck.
    When I activate and reactivate the printer it reset meaning that some sort of communication is there.
    Another wired thing is that during these tests it mess app usb cameras (they switch from printer A to printer B and from B to A)
    How do I enable logging?

  • In printer view there is a "Print logs" function in the printer dropdown on the right side. there you can enable it for prints and connection (means not during printing).

    Webcams are ordered by the time they get initialized by linux, so multiple webcams can change orders. For the next image we plan to assign ports by camera id instead, now that we know how to do it. That way they hopefully do not change (except if having exactly the same id, but normally a serial number is part of it).

    You can also try resetting when in log window with Commands/ACK enabled. Then you should directly see what goes on. Only problem is that the content is only visible when connection is green.
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