Plugin - how to get estimated printing time

I am implementing my plugin according to this page:

I want to get Estimated printing time of current job like Printing statistics in the Print Preview tab. How can I get it?


  • I currently add a button to User control. when it is pressed, host.RunCurrentJob() is called  in a function.
    It seems to be okay; the contents in Gcode editor are sent step by step.
  • Convert IPrintJob to PrintJob and and read value computedPrintingTime which is estimated printing time in seconds when the job starts.
  • Thank you! Repetier,

    I found GcodeAnalyzer can be used to calculate the time. After instatiating a GcodeAnalyzer object, I experimentally send all Gcodes in GcodeEditor to there using analyzeShort().

    Anyway, I try IPrintJob, too. Thanks!
  • Yes, analyser is what gets fed when you start a print to compute the time or to compute it for preview. What I said is just the result.
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