Raspberry Pi Touch Screens are faulty

Hi All,

Just letting you know the nice 7" Raspberry Pi Touch screens are faulty. they work great for a few months but then the touch just stops working in some parts of the screen. This has happend to 8 Pi screens on different machines now.

Im going to start using different screens


  • Thanks for the hint. So I'm just glad my 3 displays are still working:-)
  • Apparently they dont handle the power switch very well and need a soft shutdown from the Raspberry pi. Where is the shutdown function?
  • Our images have a shutdown command in server commands activated. If you use other linux versions, you can define it yourself in extcommands.xml as described in the manual.
  • Is it possible to move the Server Shutdown button to the front screen?
  • No, it is no official function. It is hardware dependent and is only available if it is configured as external command and hence only appears there. You can of course make your own frontend using the supported files where it is a implemented button. Maybe in later versions we can make a marker to put them also there.
  • That would be important because the hardware is becoming more computerized and needs soft shutdown to prevent spikes and faults
  • New Pi touch screens seem ok no faults yet. The new ones have a black ribbon cable not gold.
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