Run the repetier firmware

I recently created a new repetier firmware by referred my old marlin firmware. After I upload my new repetier firmware on my kossel mini delta 3d printer, I can't use repetier host to home my printer. it pop out an error as shown below. Can you help me? 


  • This is no error screen, it is a pause screen. So you hit pause button while printing or firmware had send requestPause: for some reason. Activate the log (easy mode off) and check what is exactly going on. Full log will surely contain more informations.
  • Hi, do you mean this message? Equally, is I just connect my printer to my laptop and just start home it. After all the axis hit the endstop, the "your printer request a pause" pop out, I can't even calibrate my 3d printer not to say printing.
  • Yes, that is what I meant it also says the reason - homing failed. This is especially on deltas an issue. The function tests if all endstops get triggered and untriggered as expected. So if you see this on a delta this did not happen. Normally you need to increase ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME here. A good value is 20mm - you can not print at the top anyway and adjusting position/selecting extruder at top can easily trigger this error if the value is too low.
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