Importing Printer Settings from Repetier-Host

I have Repetier host working and tuned nicely to drive my Tevo Black Widow.  I would like to bring those settings over to the server.. Not the other way around.
I have exported the registry as an XML and tried to import Printer Settings from the Server but no go.

Please - there must be an easier way to move your printers to the Server without retyping (and missing) parameters.



  • If you run repetier-firmware it will fetch most variables from firmware if you use the wizard or later rescan parameters in config. But the values stored differ between the software so there is no way to do this automatically, sorry.
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    If you read my question - I am using Rep-Host. Not some other software. I wish to export my printer settings to Rep-Server.
    This question was placed in the Re-Server forum to indicate which server I was referring to.

    How can this be done. The printer is already set up and working perfectly in the Host.  Just how DO I send those values to the Server to create a printer there.
  • I read it correctly. I said there is no transfer mechanism, but IFF you use repetier-firmware the server would get most values from the wizard a sit can query firmware for data coming from it.
  • Ok.. But as a Licensed user of Rep-Server, and a donator to Rep-Host I would say that this is a pretty large omission when 2 packages from the same software developer cannot share settings.
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