Unknown printer firmware using Tronxy x5s, Marlin 1.1.7 dev and Host v1.1.0 Mac - serial is ok

I am able to connect using a serial console at 115200 baud and see the dump of parameters from my Tronxy X5S and also AT returns OK, but I still get the unknown printer firmware after connect from Repetier Host for Mac. The log says "Connection opened." Also says 5 commands waiting. I've looked online and everything points to baud rate but I'm sure the baud rate is correct as I said before. Thx for help.


  • Ok, I found that if I do a Fake OK for the 1st command, the other 4 commands work and then I start getting the temperature readings, so this is my first time using 3d Printers so I'm not sure where I deal with the startup connect commands.
  • Make sur eping pong is disabled. Then one undetected "ok" will not halt everything.

    You should also check if you compiled firmware to include line numbers with "ok" so host can detect missed "ok" at a later time fixing the error on the fly instead of blocking for timeout seconds before it continues.
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