How to install touch screen on PiB+ running Rep server SD image

Fairly new to Linux. I've been in IT for years and have dabbled in it and can get around fine. Not sure how to get the 3.5" touch display installed and be able to calibrate it without having access to the GUI.


  • You do it from command line. Use a ssh client like putty to connect to pi using user pi, password raspberry and run the installation as defined by the display vendor.

    The image already contains starting gui, but on hdmi so you need to change linux to use the extra display. 3.5" displays are normally framebuffer displays so independent to hdmi output.
  • It's the Adafruit  3.5" touchscreen. Their article is great and has a script that makes it super easy. The issue is that I can get the deisplay to show the comsone but not the Rep gui. Is there a command I can use to swap the lcd and hdmi images?? Is there some detailed info abotu the sd image I can use to find the commands/pkges i need to add? Still trying to figure this all out.

  • If you check /home/pi/.bashrc you see at the end

    if ! pgrep "xinit" > /dev/null
        xinit -- -nocursor 2> /dev/null > /dev/null &

    the xinit command starts the xserver and then chrome etc. If the console already appears you missed the modification to tell xwindows to use display :1 instead of :0, so it still shows on the wrong display the graphics. I think googling hw to set display for xinit to use should help here.
  • I am also having problems using this. I have run the adafruit script and selected 'no' to showing the console, and 'yes' to hdmi mirroring. I can see the interface and it looks great, but the touchscreen is all wonky (the axis need to be flipped).
  • Maybe it is easier to flip hdmi output 180°. /boot/config has an option to rotate the screen. Not sure how to flip touchscreen. Maybe running xinput_calibration from commandline would do the trick after setting
    export DISPLAY=:0
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