Excessive z axis movement at start.

When I begin a cnc cut with Repetier Server, the z axis moves upward nearly to full length of the axis. It then pauses for about 10 to 15 seconds and comes back down to begin the cut. This does not happen when I make a cut with Repetier Host. I am able to set the safe travel height of 5mm with Host after which the cnc starts the cut. I cannot find which setting in Server I need to make to correct this problem.


  • Remotely hard to say. If it does not happen with host it must be a gcode being send that host does not send. Check your printer configuration, especially event dependent scripts you have defined. Maybe the responsible gcode is there. YOu can also enable logging to see whcih commands get send and then test which of them causes this unwanted move and then check where it stays. Starting a print only send commands you have entered or that got created by slicer/CAM while generating gcode.
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