I can't get past step 1 adding a printer

I just downloaded repetier-server, and attempted to add my printer for the first time. 

I clicked "Add Printer" and typed in a name for the printer and clicked "Continue to step 2", it then added the printer name to the left panel, but wont proceed to step 2.  No matter what I do I cannot get it to open any printer settings to let me add the printer, I cannot get it to do anything at all.

Can anyone please help???

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_s6g0920bH9cEtpWWJRZ3hMN3M/view?usp=sharing


  • I could reproduce this on a linux system when no printer was connected. So it is importnat that a printer is connected.

    But maybe there is a more simple solution - since you have the printer already use the normal configuration. Click on your printer left and then select "Printer Settings" where you can set everything you need, just without a wizard setting it to some starting defaults. But maybe with a connected printer you have more success.
  • I'm trying to install on a raspberry pi with a prusa i3 running marlin firmware. I have the same issue. with the printer plugged in and turned on no 'step 2' appears. When I go to the dashboard and printer and select 'printer settings' nothing happens either. If i 'deactivate' the printer and click 'printer settings' still nothing. any ideas?
  • I managed to get the printer working...

    Downloaded the config file from the printer menu.
    edited the xml file manually and changed device to the serial port found in /dev/serial/by_id/
    could not replace config it came up with slug p2 not found.. 
    had to delete the printer
    on the addprinter / upload config file hit upload config
    it accepted the config file and then let me into printer settings but printer was orange and none responsive.
    after more juggling I changed the baud rate to 250000 and it turned green and worked.

    Hope this helps.
  • Meanwhile i managed to find the reason. Looks like /dev not only contains devices but also links to processes which cause the port reading to abort when it reaches it. So plugging in the printer first helps so far that at least some working entries are present and not a empty list, which seems to make the problem in the end.
  • I had the same problem.
    When I changed the Language to "English" (default is German for me) I was able to open the Printer-Settings.
  • Found this problem yesterday:-) Some one line text had translations with returns breaking javascript, grr. Next release will trim all texts to prevent this. English is not translated, which is why it always works.
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