Is there a way to deactivate chromium and X for Raspberry Pi 1?

I'm using a Raspberry Pi 1 as a Repetier-Server. It usually works fine most of the time, but after a while the Pi seem to run out of memory or other resources, so it stops printing, is hard (or not at all) to reach through SSH and the webinterface gets extremely slow or stops working alltogether. I've tried a few things, and lately repurposed a Raspberry Pi 2 for testing. Now everything works flawlessly. I'll probably switch to a Pi 2 at some point and buy a Pi 3 for where the Pi 2 was, so I could use a display. But as it is now, I would like to deactivate a bit of the stuff I'm not using anyway. The X Server seems to be a real hassle for the Pi 1. So is there an easy way to do it? Using raspi-setup to deactiviate the graphical interface at boot didn't seem to stop it from starting it anyway.


  • Login with ssh and edit .bashrc

    nano /home/pi/.bashrc

    go to the end and put a # before the xinit near end. xinit starts the xserver with chrome.
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